#09 Food Management in the Dominican Republic

Country:   Dominican Republic
Subject:    Technology and Know-how-Transfer concerning Food Management
Company:    RCS Richter GmbH, Finsterwalde-Massen
Funding Institution:   sequa gGmbH
Period:   2014 - 2016
Measures:   Trainings of multipliers for know-how imparting to the subjects of food management. Carrying out of academic and operational training measures, introduction of a modern computer software for food calculation in catering business.
Development Objectives:   Sensitization of stakeholder regarding food-waste problems; avoidance of waste by means of computerized food quantity calculation in the catering business; improvement of food quality towards to a better nutrition.
Company´s Objectives:   Opening up of new markets for the software designed and distributed be the RCS company for the use in catering sector. The project realized in den Dominican Republic is considered as pilot scheme and will spread out to the whole Caribbean Region.

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