#10 Dual Eduaction in Moldavia

Country:   Republic of Moldavia
Subject:    Dual Trainings System for Seamstresses at the Vocational School of Hincesti
Company:    Teamdress Stein GmbH, Hamburg
Funding Institution:   sequa gGmbH
Period:   2014-2015
Measures:   Development of a dual training system for seamstresses in cooperation with the vocational school of Hincesti ant the Moldavian Ministry of Education. Carrying out of trainings for lecturers of the vocational school as well as for employees of local textile companies who will transfer their knowledges to the trainees of the school.
Development Objectives:       For the first time in Moldavia, the dual education system was implemented in the professional trainings of seamstresses. The emphasis lies in the practical operational part of the course. So, job chances of young graduates increases significantly.
Company´s Objectives:   Quality of working clothes manufactured in the Republik of Moldavia has increases thanks to the realized measures. New young members of staff are well trained and can be integrated more quickly in the production processes.




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