#02 Innovative Bio-Gas Technology / Peru

Country:   Peru
Subject:    Implementation of a Bio-Gas Qualification Program

Company:    Kepler S.A., Burgos, Spanien
Funding Institution:   sequa gGmbH
Period:   2012 - 2014
Measures:   Installation of a bio-gas pilot plant on the site of Arequipa Santa Maria
University.  Students, engineers, technicians and craftsmen involved in the field of agriculture will be trained in bio-gas workshops and information meetings.

Development Objectives:       A long-term implemented academic bio-gas training program will make a contribution to an eco-friendly agriculture in the Arequipa region.
Company's Objectives:   Kepler S.A. establishes the requirements for its entry in the South American market.




Some of our accompanied projects of the develoPPP.de-Program:




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