#05 Organic Farming / Burkina Faso

Country:   Burkina Faso
Subject:    Training measures, know-how-transfer and investments for the increase of production and improvement of quality of dried mangos.
Company:    gebana AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Funding Institution:     sequa gGmbH
Period:   2013 - 2015
Measures:   Trainings for small farmers and workers of mango processing factories to issues like organic cultivation, harvesting, processing, hygiene and marketing to secure stable income for the target groups. Inclusion of women in the economic process of the country is an import aspect of this project.

Development Objectives:   By means of trainings mango farmers and workers will be enabled to produce high quality certified dried mango products and to sell them on the European market.
Company's Objectives:   gebana AG secures its supply chain for organic products made in Burkina Faso by this project.




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