#07 Processing of Karité-Nuts / Mali

#07 Processing of Karité-Nuts / Mali

Country:   Mali
Subject:    Qualification and organic-certification measures for cultivation, harvesting, processing and exportation of Kartié-nuts and their processing products.
Company:    Börlind Naturkosmetik GmbH, Calw, Germany
Funding Institution:   sequa gGmbH
Period:   2011 - 2014
Measures:     Trainings for women referring to processing, packing, storage and distribution of Karité-nut-butter, trainings for organic-cultivation, health and AIDS-prevention, literacy campaign, investments in laboratory equipment for quality analysis.
Development Objectives:   Measure of professionalism will enable village inhabitants of the
Siokoro region to produce and sell certified high quality sheabutter.
Company's Objectives:   For Börlind Naturkosmetik the project guarantees a reliable source of supply for sheabutter.




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